Stopping at day 25. Feeling good.


I have to stop my hard core Detox plan at day 25.My new teaching job is just too exhausting and demanding to be that hard core at this moment.  I feel very accomplished and am more than pleased with my results. I lost two pant sizes and 15 pounds.I feel full of energy and enlightened,  I also feel empowered and plan to continue making healthy food choices. I am so in love with my juicer! I plan to juice at least one meal a day everyday.  I also plan to seek out delicious UBER HEALTHY recipes and share them on this site.  Image


So far so good, but then what???


The main question now is whether or not I will turn the rules from the detox challenge into permanent changes to my lifestyle and diet.  Here are my plans:

I’ll start with the most difficult one – refined sugar.  The health benefits from eliminating sugar from our diets are endless; just to name a few big ones:  lowered incidence rates of cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

In terms of overall health, whether you’re trying to increase your energy levels, manage your weight or improve your fitness, cutting sugar out of your diet will help.  I believe that most of the benefits that I saw from my month long detox were a direct result of giving up sugar.

For example, I am now confident that sugar is largely responsible for my headaches and migraines.  Unfortunately for me, it was the toughest thing to give up. I guess it’s sort of like quitting smoking; it will be a lifelong challenge, I have to be persistent and I can’t have the all-or-nothing attitude.  If I fall off the wagon one day, I just have to get right back on it the next.  Every successful day counts and should be acknowledged, because no matter how few consecutive good days I have, one day being sugar (or smoke) free is still better than zero days of being sugar (or smoke) free.

I learned that although I love baguettes and soft breads, I mostly eat bread and pasta out of convenience.  So when it comes to gluten, I plan to reduce the amount of bread and pasta that I buy and eat.  I’m sure that I will be quite conscious and mindful of how much all-purpose flour that I use from now on, especially when baking.  So I plan to try some gluten free dessert recipes.  My new found awareness will have me reducing my gluten intake overall.

In terms of giving up dairy, I discovered that despite my love for cheese, I can survive quite easily without it.  So I will definitely reduce the frequency and amount of my cheese consumption.  My waist line better show some appreciation for that!  (I’m suddenly craving cheese as I type out this commitment.  )

In regards to caffeine and alcohol, although I enjoy both, I don’t normally consume either on a regular basis, so I will continue to be mindful of my consumption, but I will not remove them completely from my life either.  As always, I will continue to minimize the amount of fast food that I consume, since it is real just tasty garbage.

Enjoy your free time now.


Nobody says you have to be scheduled down to the nanosecond with productive tasks, workouts, and relationship building. In fact, if you don’t factor in downtime, your hamster wheel is only going to spin faster, and you’re eventually going to fall off. If you keep pushing and pushing, you become more and more inefficient and depleted, when all you truly need is a break to reboot.

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unconscious or reactionary when health is the goal



I believe that a lot of what we do, think and express is unconscious or reactionary. The place we’re raised, the predominant culture there, our parents, teachers, friends, socio-economic status, education, salient life events — these elements all can mold us in ways that are well under the surface of our reckoning.

If you want to make something happen, particularly if it’s hard to make happen, you need to assess what’s really happening on every level you can touch. We are the stuff resulting from the interplay between Mind, Body and Spirit.

Dig into each of these and make them your ally to affect change.

So, when I want to, say, lose some body fat, I do the following four things, and so could you:

1. Examine

Think about why you’ve gained the weight by addressing what’s going on with you mentally, emotionally and physically, and how each is contributing to actions that result in weight gain.

2. Determine the relative importance of weight compared to whatever you’ve identified that caused it.

Get very clear that what you want is more highly valued than what you’re giving up to get it. You do not want to get into the trap of feeling like you’re denying yourself something in order to get something. Rather, reverse this thinking/emotional dynamic so that what you’re saying “no” to is a gift to yourself that will result in attaining your objective.

3. Establish a plan of new routines that address each of the weight gain instigators, such as:

• More or different exercise;

• Consuming fewer calories by eating less or eating foods less calorie dense;

• Associating with people who support and help enable your objectives; and

• Rewiring trigger points that support wanted habits over those unwanted. For instance, take a different route to work so you don’t pass that damn Starbucks at the end of the road that serves the breakfast sandwich you eat every morning. And I was thrilled when they built it. Really. (Same thing for the Taco Bell)

4. After planning the work required to lose the weight, then consciously working the plan — meaning, do what it says to do. If you get off track, then there’s something in #1 thru #3 above that needs more attention.

TREAT YO’ SELF! – Day 13


As my lips touched delicately, my arms shivered with anticipation. Although I have not said it aloud, my hunger and longing runs so deep. My fingers slide along my jaw line and down the nape of my neck under my curtain of  brunette hair, before a slight moan escaped and I rested my hands on the table and then folded the white cloth into my lap. Everything inside me exploded into a rapid race. I could not resist. A sigh of satisfaction afterwards could not be resisted.


So, here the story. I came home from work and found to my deep enjoyment that Joe had grilled out for dinner. He had the day off work and wanted to make dinner for the children and himself, it was such a beautiful day so they grilled out. When I arrived home they were all done eating and the kitchen was cleaned and tidy. There was however, a nice plate all made up and left on the counter next to my juicer.

I have been doing so well that I figured a pork chop, grilled corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes couldn’t kill me and was a welcomed treat to a busy day.

Occasional you have to go with what makes you happy and just throw caution to the wind and TREAT YO’ SELF!






What Level is Right for You?

 The chart below represents a broad approach to determining which of 3 levels of detox you should undertake (gentle, moderate or aggressive), based on your age and level of health. Please remember that more gentle detox procedures will work for everyone, they just work more slowly. Taking a slow approach is good, because it’s more likely to result in lasting lifestyle changes, and less likely to cause distressing and possibly damaging cleansing reactions.

If you are:






Healthy & Active

Moderate or aggressive detox program with 7-10 day juice fasting and moderate exercise.


Healthy, Not Active

Moderate detox with 3 day juice fasting and light exercise.


Overweight, Otherwise Healthy

Moderate detox with 5-7 day juice fasting and moderate exercise.

Overcoming a Debilitating Illness

Gentle detox program, no fasting, careful diet, aggressive immediate environment improvement, major supplementation.

Diagnosed Illness or
Pregnant & Nursing Moms

Work only with licensed practitioner familiar with detox programs, implement strenuous environmental detox.


Day 12 kicking booty – down eight pounds

I love my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer! I really really do. Thus far on my 30 day detox,  I am on day 12 and my skin looks wonderful, I have tons of energy, and I lost 8 pounds. Which is kinda scary. What exactly was that eight pounds? Not going to think too much about that.
Also my hair  and nails are loving the detox.

Having a diet rich in detox foods will naturally help your health. But some of those foods are especially good to make you look great.  Eating more of the detox foods below will not only improve your look but also support your body to detox naturally and flush out environmental toxins as well as metabolic waste.

The best detox foods for:

Losing weight

Artichoke: One of the best detox foods for your liver, artichokes are also low in calories and contains compounds that can help lower your cholesterol levels.

Lemon: Adding some lemon juice and zest to your drinking water will supply your body with over 30 detox compounds. It will also provide pectin; a soluble fiber that can help you shed some pounds.

Pink grapefruit: Grapefruit is so potent at natural detoxification that it often removes some drugs and medicines too quickly for them to act.  New studies also show that some compounds found in grapefruit could help you to lose weight. Red grapefruit also contains precious lycopene, an antioxidant that helps for clear skin.

Other detox foods that can help losing weight: pineapple, celery and chili peppers.

Radiant skin

Watermelon: Packed with detox nutrients and water, watermelon is also very rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that boost your skin resistance to sun damage. In fact, it’s said that watermelon could provide 33% more protection against sunburns than any other fruit.

Red bell peppers: The unique combination of vitamins A, C and E, three of the most potent skin protecting vitamins, makes red bell peppers and ideal food for a healthy glow.  The vitamin it contains also plays an important role into the natural detoxification process.

Avocado: rich in vitamin E and essential minerals, it can help to keep your skin stay supple.  Avocado also contains glutathione, copper, beta-sisterol and other compounds involved in the natural detoxification process.

Other detox foods that can help your skin: dark leafy greens, berries and flaxseeds.

Fighting bloating

Papaya: The special enzymes it contains can help your stomach stays flatter while helping your body to detox naturally.  Papaya is also rich in essential nutrients that help your skin looking great.

Ginger: Ginger promotes blood circulation and helps digestion. This makes it one of the best anti-bloating foods ever.  Ginger is also anti-inflammatory, and can help you to detox naturally.

Sauerkraut and fermented foods: The beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods such as natural sauerkraut can help ease digestive troubles that cause bloating.  Friendly bacteria are also necessary for digestive health, something essential in natural detox.

Strengthening bones

Dark leafy greens: One of the best detox foods to fight inflammation. Dark leafy greens are rich in minerals that can tremendously helps your body to build strong bones.  It’s also very alkalinising, which is also a good way to detox naturally.

Green tea: Green tea increase bone density the same way exercise and calcium does, without the downsides of consuming milk. Not only does green tea help your bones, it also helps to detox from chemicals and have a strong effect in lung cancer prevention.

Other detox foods that can help with bone heath: broccoli, almonds and sesame seeds.


Do you consider foods as part of your beauty regimen?

Do you think they have a direct impact on the way you look and feel?

What are your best foods for beauty?