Salad Dressing is Trying to Make my Butt Big!


Salad Dressing Trying to Make my Butt Big!

With summer here, even before my detox, I was choosing more salads for lunch. I have my eye on a certain bikini and want to really work on cutting down on calories. Hooray for salads. They are yummy, you can add many of your favorite veggies and they make you feel lighter after eating one. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Then I glanced at the back of my salad dressing packet.

Here is the bad news…depending upon your choice of salad dressing, your salad can contain more calories than a big ol’ nasty yummy Big Mac.

A few of those so called healthy salad dressings can contain double the amount of calories of your actual salad. The problem is that most of the dressings – even those that sound healthy – are loaded with calories and fat.

The list below is based on the standard sized portion of salad dressing you get at a restaurant. 

Product Name Serving Size Calories Fat grams
Cosi Regular Vinaigrette 2 oz. 357 39
Cosi Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette 2 oz. 45 0
Cosi Reduced Fat Roasted Shallot Sherry 2 oz. 85 5
Cosi Caesar 2 oz. 301 32
Cosi Low Fat Ginger Soy 2 oz. 74 2
Au Bon Pain Balsamic Vinaigrette 2.25 oz. 190 16
Au Bon Pain Blue Cheese 1.75 oz. 230 24
Au Bon Pain Caesar 2 oz. 280 28
Au Bon Pain Fat Free Raspberry 2.25 oz. 70 0
Au Bon Pain Light Honey Mustard 2.25 oz. 180 11
Au Bon Pain Thai Peanut 2.25 230 13
McDonalds Newman Own Creamy Caesar 2 oz. 190 18
McDonalds Newman Own Low Fat Balsamic vinaigrette 1.5 oz. 40 3
McDonalds Newman Own Low Fat Sesame ginger 1.5 oz. 90 2.5
McDonalds Newman Own Ranch 2 oz. 170 15
Burger King Kens Light Italian 2 oz. 120 11
Burger King Kens Ranch 2 oz. 190 20
Burger King Kens Creamy Caesar 2 oz. 210 21
Burger King Kens Honey Mustard 2 oz. 270 23
Burger King Kens Fat Free Ranch 2 oz. 60 0

Thanks to for the charts.

I mean for real look at this!!!


907640_10151849899348496_1073348853_n 974094_10151922554723496_1728333712_n (1)


230 VS 20 Yeah, I think I am switching to Balsamic Vinegar


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