Day 2 of the Detox Plan


Day 2 – I hate Indiana weather. Just rain or don’t.  I’m doing okay, but it’s rainy and dreary out and I’m craving coffee with sugar and pancakes. But, no. It’s cool. I am going to have the apple berry bake dish and a carrot and apple juice.

And you know, it wasn’t that bad. The cravings passed and I just kept on drinking water and stayed busy. I took the kids fishing. Nothing big just walked around Eagle Creek. I am still tired. I took three cat naps.  I am optimistic that when the detox starts working I will have more energy.

Some recipes are better than others. I do not like the way the plan has us cooking our colored greens. I sautéed them in a pan with garlic and then added sea salt and black pepper. Does anyone have any colored green recipes that are not horrible, please share?

Joe seems to be having a much more difficult time than I am with this reboot. I seem to be lucky so far in not having any major detox symptoms aside from some low energy but I can’t stress enough that you have to be mentally prepared for this before you do it. I have literally surrendered to the fact that I am only drinking juices for another 28 days. It’s interesting to me all the moments during the day when I would have had something to eat when I wasn’t even hungry. More out of habit. At the end of this journey, I really hope to have a different and healthier relationship with food.


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