Day One Detox


These are my thoughts over day one of the Detox Plan.

Day one wasn’t all that hard, I mean I didn’t have a nervous break down or anything. I was tired mot of the day and waking up was HARD. I ached for a coffee. Longed for an egg and turkey bacon on wheat sandwich .What was a struggle was that even though I was eating tons of veggies and drinking the juice I never thought I was full. And the meal plan has you eating or drinking a juice almost every three hours. Weird concept, feeling like I physically was full and yet NOT feeling full and wanting to eat something. Bread mostly.

The urge to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich came and went, but mostly triggered by making them for my kids.

What plagued me was how tired I was. I cannot say if this was due to not having sugar and coffee, or the fact that I did not sleep well the night before. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep the night before you start your detox.

Good Luck.

Because we are all friends here I do not find the need to put on airs. This was shot right after I got out of the shower, no make up on, and at the end of a very long day One.


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