Why you should try a detox plan


A detox diet does more than just cause weight loss. A body detox also offers a multitude of health benefits so if you’re on-the-fence about whether its right for you, maybe we can help.

What Do You Mean When You Say “Detox”?

A detox or cleanse removes toxins from your body.

Unless you eat only organic, you’re getting pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other funky stuff in your food. Meat is loaded with all the chemicals and hormones.

Fast food … well, that shit is addictive and deadly.  It not only includes artificial ingredients and flavors, it is loaded with preservatives, and contains chemicals that cause you to be addicted to it. What the hell Big Mac??

Our lifestyle has changed much so much more quickly than our biology. Under this chemical onslaught, our body doesn’t know what to do with all these toxins. So, doing the best it can, it stores this stuff in FAT CELLS, our organs, and our blood streams.

How Can I Detox?

The human body naturally cleans out the body. For instance, when we urinate or defecate we remove poisons. Sweating, too, eliminates toxins. The problem comes when the sheer volume of poisons overwhelms our ability to clean. When that occurs we can follow a detox diet plan or a juice cleanse.

Or, bathing in Epsom or sea salts can remove toxins and foot pads that promote detoxing are quite safe.

Diets, whether of juice or food, work two ways:

First, during the diet you are adding no more poisons to your stressed body.

Secondly, this gives your body some ‘rest’ so that it can concentrate totally upon removing everything alien from your body.

If you add bathing, massages and sweating to your program, you will detox even faster.

How Do I Know If I Should Do A Body Detox

Many nutritionists emphatically believe that we should ALL periodically detox a couple of times each year, at the very least. But here are some definite signs that a detox might be appropriate:

You can’t lose weight. In this case, detox diets for weight loss might be your healthiest and quickest answer.

You’ve made a commitment to physical fitness and want to dramatically improve your body.

You’re frequently sick and/or can’t quite seem to get completely well.

Fatigue, fatigue and more fatigue is your MO.

Side Effects from A Detox Cleanse?

The first few days aren’t fun. If anyone says it’s easy, they are a liar.  If you’re dieting, you will get hungry. Be prepared for some discomfort.

You may have headaches and insomnia, or just be dog ass tired. Don’t worry it will pass.

The Great News …

You will feel MARVELOUS in a few days! Your skin will glow, your hair will shine, your health will improve in every possible way and you will feel a new self-confidence and well-being.


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