People who Piss you off and your Detox Plan


Days 6 through 9 were long. I had so many other things going on in my life, new teaching job, and dental surgery for my daughter, and on and on), that I really didn’t have time to obsess over my diet for too long.

Yet, I would like to take some time to talk about support and strength. If while you are on a detox plan you need to have the support of the people you live with. They need to have your back and be there with an encouraging word when you need it.

Also I would highly advise DO NOT TRY TO GO ON A DETOX with anyone who already has a tendency to piss you off. Joe, my live in partner, totally gave up around day 3. I however, am still committed to going all the way to Day 30. I will admit there have been a few times I have slipped up. The pizza with my class and two other times. Here’s the deal on that, the second time I came home from work and Joe is grilling out. I’m talking grilled corn on the cob, chicken, hamburgers, polish sausages, all that great cook out food.  That night I totally cheated. Yeah, I decided to enjoy the little cook out with my family. I had a huge plate and it was good.

The third time Joe came in while I was folding laundry and tossed what I thought was a bag of assorted nuts and raisins on our dresser. I thinking they were nuts and you know healthy stuff, totally dumped some into my hand and ate it without really looking. Yeah totally had M&Ms in it. I should have stopped there, but I just kept on eating it while I was talking to Joe.

I am not blaming Joe or using him as my excuse. Totally my lack of self-control that caused me to eat that stuff. But here is why you should think twice about how strong your support structure is when you go into a program like this.

So yeah, I admit I messed up a few times. However, due to those mistakes, I had to listen to Joe bitch about spending money on the plan, “if you aren’t going to take it seriously”. Really? I am taking it seriously, and Yep I am also human and going to make a few little mistakes at times.  So I self-indulged a few times, I am still committed to the project. Having someone who is rooting for you can help you improve your motivation and stay on track. Support can help you remain focused and continue on your diet even when things get difficult. Although having a support system face-to-face might be ideal, not everybody is able to deal with some of the people in their social circle. If so, then try to go it alone and maybe take a look at detoxifying some of the people you allow in your life and consider your friend.


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