What Level is Right for You?

 The chart below represents a broad approach to determining which of 3 levels of detox you should undertake (gentle, moderate or aggressive), based on your age and level of health. Please remember that more gentle detox procedures will work for everyone, they just work more slowly. Taking a slow approach is good, because it’s more likely to result in lasting lifestyle changes, and less likely to cause distressing and possibly damaging cleansing reactions.

If you are:






Healthy & Active

Moderate or aggressive detox program with 7-10 day juice fasting and moderate exercise.


Healthy, Not Active

Moderate detox with 3 day juice fasting and light exercise.


Overweight, Otherwise Healthy

Moderate detox with 5-7 day juice fasting and moderate exercise.

Overcoming a Debilitating Illness

Gentle detox program, no fasting, careful diet, aggressive immediate environment improvement, major supplementation.

Diagnosed Illness or
Pregnant & Nursing Moms

Work only with licensed practitioner familiar with detox programs, implement strenuous environmental detox.



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