TREAT YO’ SELF! – Day 13


As my lips touched delicately, my arms shivered with anticipation. Although I have not said it aloud, my hunger and longing runs so deep. My fingers slide along my jaw line and down the nape of my neck under my curtain of  brunette hair, before a slight moan escaped and I rested my hands on the table and then folded the white cloth into my lap. Everything inside me exploded into a rapid race. I could not resist. A sigh of satisfaction afterwards could not be resisted.


So, here the story. I came home from work and found to my deep enjoyment that Joe had grilled out for dinner. He had the day off work and wanted to make dinner for the children and himself, it was such a beautiful day so they grilled out. When I arrived home they were all done eating and the kitchen was cleaned and tidy. There was however, a nice plate all made up and left on the counter next to my juicer.

I have been doing so well that I figured a pork chop, grilled corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes couldn’t kill me and was a welcomed treat to a busy day.

Occasional you have to go with what makes you happy and just throw caution to the wind and TREAT YO’ SELF!





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