So far so good, but then what???


The main question now is whether or not I will turn the rules from the detox challenge into permanent changes to my lifestyle and diet.  Here are my plans:

I’ll start with the most difficult one – refined sugar.  The health benefits from eliminating sugar from our diets are endless; just to name a few big ones:  lowered incidence rates of cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

In terms of overall health, whether you’re trying to increase your energy levels, manage your weight or improve your fitness, cutting sugar out of your diet will help.  I believe that most of the benefits that I saw from my month long detox were a direct result of giving up sugar.

For example, I am now confident that sugar is largely responsible for my headaches and migraines.  Unfortunately for me, it was the toughest thing to give up. I guess it’s sort of like quitting smoking; it will be a lifelong challenge, I have to be persistent and I can’t have the all-or-nothing attitude.  If I fall off the wagon one day, I just have to get right back on it the next.  Every successful day counts and should be acknowledged, because no matter how few consecutive good days I have, one day being sugar (or smoke) free is still better than zero days of being sugar (or smoke) free.

I learned that although I love baguettes and soft breads, I mostly eat bread and pasta out of convenience.  So when it comes to gluten, I plan to reduce the amount of bread and pasta that I buy and eat.  I’m sure that I will be quite conscious and mindful of how much all-purpose flour that I use from now on, especially when baking.  So I plan to try some gluten free dessert recipes.  My new found awareness will have me reducing my gluten intake overall.

In terms of giving up dairy, I discovered that despite my love for cheese, I can survive quite easily without it.  So I will definitely reduce the frequency and amount of my cheese consumption.  My waist line better show some appreciation for that!  (I’m suddenly craving cheese as I type out this commitment.  )

In regards to caffeine and alcohol, although I enjoy both, I don’t normally consume either on a regular basis, so I will continue to be mindful of my consumption, but I will not remove them completely from my life either.  As always, I will continue to minimize the amount of fast food that I consume, since it is real just tasty garbage.


Enjoy your free time now.


Nobody says you have to be scheduled down to the nanosecond with productive tasks, workouts, and relationship building. In fact, if you don’t factor in downtime, your hamster wheel is only going to spin faster, and you’re eventually going to fall off. If you keep pushing and pushing, you become more and more inefficient and depleted, when all you truly need is a break to reboot.

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TREAT YO’ SELF! – Day 13


As my lips touched delicately, my arms shivered with anticipation. Although I have not said it aloud, my hunger and longing runs so deep. My fingers slide along my jaw line and down the nape of my neck under my curtain of  brunette hair, before a slight moan escaped and I rested my hands on the table and then folded the white cloth into my lap. Everything inside me exploded into a rapid race. I could not resist. A sigh of satisfaction afterwards could not be resisted.


So, here the story. I came home from work and found to my deep enjoyment that Joe had grilled out for dinner. He had the day off work and wanted to make dinner for the children and himself, it was such a beautiful day so they grilled out. When I arrived home they were all done eating and the kitchen was cleaned and tidy. There was however, a nice plate all made up and left on the counter next to my juicer.

I have been doing so well that I figured a pork chop, grilled corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes couldn’t kill me and was a welcomed treat to a busy day.

Occasional you have to go with what makes you happy and just throw caution to the wind and TREAT YO’ SELF!