Holy Shit


I don’t think I have ever wanted a food as bad as I want pizza RIGHT NOW!

I want good pizza too, I think that’s why I want it so bad, it’s been a while since I’ve had really good pizza.

Either that or a really good Philly cheese steak. With mayo. Yes, it’s not the greatest for you, but you know it taste like heaven.


Instead I am going to sleep. I think the hunger is a sign of boredom and being sleepy.

I am going to have a tomato juice and hit the sack. Perhaps I will dream of cheeseburgers with mayo and bacon.






It’s an all liquid week!



Super excited! It’s an all liquid week.

Fresh fruit and veggie juice all week.

 It’s going to be a challenge, so stayed tuned.







Wake Up

Day 10

Hot lemon water

Day 11

Hot lemon water

Day 12

Hot lemon water

Day 13

Hot lemon water

Day 14

Hot lemon water

Breakfast Carrot Apple Juice

Green Citrus Juice

Sunrise Juice

Carrot Apple


Moring Green


Morning Snack Coconut








Coconut Water

Lunch Mean Green


Sporty Spice Juice

Green Lemonade

Green Lemonade

Un- Beet-Able


Afternoon Snack Carrot Apple

Ginger Juice

Green Citrus

Sunrise Juice

Carrot Apple Lemon Juice

Morning Green Glory

Dinner Mean Green     Juice

Sporty Spice

Green Lemonade

Garden Varity


Before Bed                         Tea                                Tea                               Tea                               Tea                           Tea

People who Piss you off and your Detox Plan


Days 6 through 9 were long. I had so many other things going on in my life, new teaching job, and dental surgery for my daughter, and on and on), that I really didn’t have time to obsess over my diet for too long.

Yet, I would like to take some time to talk about support and strength. If while you are on a detox plan you need to have the support of the people you live with. They need to have your back and be there with an encouraging word when you need it.

Also I would highly advise DO NOT TRY TO GO ON A DETOX with anyone who already has a tendency to piss you off. Joe, my live in partner, totally gave up around day 3. I however, am still committed to going all the way to Day 30. I will admit there have been a few times I have slipped up. The pizza with my class and two other times. Here’s the deal on that, the second time I came home from work and Joe is grilling out. I’m talking grilled corn on the cob, chicken, hamburgers, polish sausages, all that great cook out food.  That night I totally cheated. Yeah, I decided to enjoy the little cook out with my family. I had a huge plate and it was good.

The third time Joe came in while I was folding laundry and tossed what I thought was a bag of assorted nuts and raisins on our dresser. I thinking they were nuts and you know healthy stuff, totally dumped some into my hand and ate it without really looking. Yeah totally had M&Ms in it. I should have stopped there, but I just kept on eating it while I was talking to Joe.

I am not blaming Joe or using him as my excuse. Totally my lack of self-control that caused me to eat that stuff. But here is why you should think twice about how strong your support structure is when you go into a program like this.

So yeah, I admit I messed up a few times. However, due to those mistakes, I had to listen to Joe bitch about spending money on the plan, “if you aren’t going to take it seriously”. Really? I am taking it seriously, and Yep I am also human and going to make a few little mistakes at times.  So I self-indulged a few times, I am still committed to the project. Having someone who is rooting for you can help you improve your motivation and stay on track. Support can help you remain focused and continue on your diet even when things get difficult. Although having a support system face-to-face might be ideal, not everybody is able to deal with some of the people in their social circle. If so, then try to go it alone and maybe take a look at detoxifying some of the people you allow in your life and consider your friend.

Day 2 of the Detox Plan


Day 2 – I hate Indiana weather. Just rain or don’t.  I’m doing okay, but it’s rainy and dreary out and I’m craving coffee with sugar and pancakes. But, no. It’s cool. I am going to have the apple berry bake dish and a carrot and apple juice.

And you know, it wasn’t that bad. The cravings passed and I just kept on drinking water and stayed busy. I took the kids fishing. Nothing big just walked around Eagle Creek. I am still tired. I took three cat naps.  I am optimistic that when the detox starts working I will have more energy.

Some recipes are better than others. I do not like the way the plan has us cooking our colored greens. I sautéed them in a pan with garlic and then added sea salt and black pepper. Does anyone have any colored green recipes that are not horrible, please share?

Joe seems to be having a much more difficult time than I am with this reboot. I seem to be lucky so far in not having any major detox symptoms aside from some low energy but I can’t stress enough that you have to be mentally prepared for this before you do it. I have literally surrendered to the fact that I am only drinking juices for another 28 days. It’s interesting to me all the moments during the day when I would have had something to eat when I wasn’t even hungry. More out of habit. At the end of this journey, I really hope to have a different and healthier relationship with food.

Why you should try a detox plan


A detox diet does more than just cause weight loss. A body detox also offers a multitude of health benefits so if you’re on-the-fence about whether its right for you, maybe we can help.

What Do You Mean When You Say “Detox”?

A detox or cleanse removes toxins from your body.

Unless you eat only organic, you’re getting pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other funky stuff in your food. Meat is loaded with all the chemicals and hormones.

Fast food … well, that shit is addictive and deadly.  It not only includes artificial ingredients and flavors, it is loaded with preservatives, and contains chemicals that cause you to be addicted to it. What the hell Big Mac??

Our lifestyle has changed much so much more quickly than our biology. Under this chemical onslaught, our body doesn’t know what to do with all these toxins. So, doing the best it can, it stores this stuff in FAT CELLS, our organs, and our blood streams.

How Can I Detox?

The human body naturally cleans out the body. For instance, when we urinate or defecate we remove poisons. Sweating, too, eliminates toxins. The problem comes when the sheer volume of poisons overwhelms our ability to clean. When that occurs we can follow a detox diet plan or a juice cleanse.

Or, bathing in Epsom or sea salts can remove toxins and foot pads that promote detoxing are quite safe.

Diets, whether of juice or food, work two ways:

First, during the diet you are adding no more poisons to your stressed body.

Secondly, this gives your body some ‘rest’ so that it can concentrate totally upon removing everything alien from your body.

If you add bathing, massages and sweating to your program, you will detox even faster.

How Do I Know If I Should Do A Body Detox

Many nutritionists emphatically believe that we should ALL periodically detox a couple of times each year, at the very least. But here are some definite signs that a detox might be appropriate:

You can’t lose weight. In this case, detox diets for weight loss might be your healthiest and quickest answer.

You’ve made a commitment to physical fitness and want to dramatically improve your body.

You’re frequently sick and/or can’t quite seem to get completely well.

Fatigue, fatigue and more fatigue is your MO.

Side Effects from A Detox Cleanse?

The first few days aren’t fun. If anyone says it’s easy, they are a liar.  If you’re dieting, you will get hungry. Be prepared for some discomfort.

You may have headaches and insomnia, or just be dog ass tired. Don’t worry it will pass.

The Great News …

You will feel MARVELOUS in a few days! Your skin will glow, your hair will shine, your health will improve in every possible way and you will feel a new self-confidence and well-being.