Do you ever wish there was a reset button for living a more healthy life? Did you watch children running around like crazy monkeys and think, I wish I had some of their energy? Ever look in the mirror and know you could be better?

About 2 months ago I added the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to our queue in Netflix.  Joe and I love documentaries. We feel they are like candy for your brain, and this one was AWESOME.  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is an amazing story of a guy who goes across America, juicing for 60 days and talking to people about the benefits of juice, and juicing. We watched the movie and became seriously fired up.

However, we didn’t want to rush right into what could be a fad diet. So we took some time to do research. We read a whole slew of books, watched additional documentaries.  Following many other food related scholarly journal you can see a trend, basically the American diet is making us fat, sick, and killing us.

We read some more and then decided to move forward.

For 30 days starting June 1st all the way through June 30th. Joe and I will only consume fruit, nuts, herbs, and veggies. And of course water, let’s not be silly. Why whole foods? Whole foods, in their natural form, are designed to give our bodies the nutrients we need. When foods are processed, they are broken down to a point that there are no nutrients and worse, our bodies see them as poisons and toxic to our bodies. Next, in a way to protect us, our bodies will pack fatty tissue around these toxic cells to prevent them from harming us further. By eating only veggies, fruits and grains in their most natural form we give our bodies a chance to naturally detox.

This site came about as a way to hold Joe and myself more accountable to the plan, to gather all the recipes, shopping list, rants, findings, and basic information in one place so I can find them. I also hoped people who were embarking on the same journey would come by and we could help support each other. Or at the very least pass along a few tips.

If that’s you… welcome! Glad you’re here. You’re welcome to send us an email.

This is going to be tough I’m sure, just as I’m sure there are going to be days when Joe and I are not going to be pleasant to be around. I have a feeling some of those posts are going to be the most hilarious to look back on and read, but with friends and family who are supportive I bet we can do it!

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